The Guitar Chronicles | Part 3

“Are you kidding??” asked Alex.
“Does it look like I am?” replied Vlac.
“Okay. I have a question. Do you have-”
“Shh, questions later!” said Vlac. “First we need to get out of here. Here grab on.”
Alex held on to Vlac’s hand and they were gone. Alex looks around to where Vlac had brought him. It looked something like this:-
Image result for hell
“WHERE HAVE YOU BROUGHT ME THIS TIME?????” asked Alex. “Don’t tell me the-”
“The Nether Realm. Yup, you’re right.” interrupted Vlac.
“OH MY GOD! GET ME OUTTA HERE!” screamed Alex. “Wait a minute. How come you didn’t tell me to not scream here?”
“Oh, because all the demons have gone to the Earth Realm to look for us.” answered Vlac.
“Hmm, smart.” said Alex. “So, now can  I ask my question?”
“Ya, go ahead.” said Vlac.
“So how do we defeat the king?” asked Alex
“Oh, there’s no defeating the king-” said Vlac.
“But then ho-” Alex got cut off by a beat he heard. “What was that?”
“That was the Hell Drum.” replied Vlac. “That’s the only way we kill the king.”
“You literally just said we can’t kill the king.” told Alex.
“You didn’t let me complete my sentence. Anyway, to kill the king, we need to bring together all the Hell instruments and play a Hell song composed by you humans in front of the king.” said Vlac. “I’ve already brought together a guitarist, which is you, and a drummer. Oh! There he comes!”
Vlac points towards a young boy, maybe a little older than Alex coming towards them. Alex sees him carrying a box in his hand.
“The name’s Johnathan. You can call me John.” said the boy, putting forward his hand.
“Alex. Alex Victor. Nice to meet you.” said Alex, shaking John’s hand.
“Now that you know each other, there’s one small problem. The king has trapped the Hell Bass and the Hell Mic in his castle. I know people to play the bass and the singer but getting the instruments will be hard.” said Vlac
“You’ve told me this Vlac! And I already have a plan!” said John

See you in Part 4

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