The Guitar Chronicles | Part 2

“KILL ME?????” asked Alex. “WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I DONE??”
“You touched the guitar. It’s our king’s guitar. I just gave it to you so that I don’t get screwed.” explained Vlac.
Alex started freaking out. He ran down to the corridor of the of his flat. He started screaming. Everyone down there started staring at him. No one seemed to see Vlac other than him.
“Does no one see the huge monster in this room? He’s literally right next to me.” asked Alex.
“No one can see me other than you, kid. Unless they touch the guitar.” said Vlac.
Just then, an old man picks up his phone…. “Hello, mental hospital? Ya, we have a mental patient in this room. Can you come and pick him up? Yes, please. Thank you.”. “You might want to pack your things. There’s an ambulance coming for you.” he said to alex
“Please tell me you can teleport us?” asked Alex.
“I’m a demon! Of course I can! Pack your things. You have approximately 5 minutes.” replied Vlac.
Alex rushed up.Just when he started packing his things, he heard another tremor.
“When you said I had 5 minutes, you were talking about the ambulance right?” asked Alex.
“No… I was talking about the other demons! They’re almost here.” replied Vlac calmly. “Give me that!”
Vlac snatched the guitar and all of Alex’s things, got hold of Alex and teleported.
“Couldn’t you have done that ear- Where have you brought me?” asked Alex.
Vlac had brought them to a deserted forest. It looked a bit like this:
“What on earth is house doing in the middle of a forest?”
Vlac stared at for a while then answered, “Oh, that? It’s one of the most common entrances from the Nether realm to Earth.”
“Did I not hear you right? Did you just say ‘one of the most common entrances from the Nether realm to Earth’? ARE YOU NUTS?? DO YOU WANT TO DIE ALONG WITH ME?” screamed Alex.
“I don’t really mind, since I’m already de- Don’t move a muscle! They’re here.” said Vlac

See you in Part 3

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