The Two Monks

Once upon at  time, there were two monks who went on a pilgrimage across the country, together.


One day, they came to a river bank and saw a beautiful girl who was unable to cross the river. Seeing her difficulty, one of the monks agreed to carry her across the river, on his back, while the other looked in dismay. After reaching the other side, the girl thanked the monks and left, while the monks carried on with their journey.
When it was dark, the monks found a place to rest and decided to  halt for the night. One of the monks could not sleep, and his mind was not at peace. Finally he woke the other and admonished him for what happened during the day.
“As monks, we are supposed to stay away from women. I am really upset and worried by what you did today!”
The other monk looked at his friend with a peaceful smile on his face and replied,
“Brother, I have left the girl behind long back, by the river bank, why are you still carrying her around?”

This story teaches us that we should forget our past mistakes and get on with our journey. This story is no doubt popular, but how many of us have learnt not to hold on to the past, and, stop carrying unnecessary burdens
A great man once said, “There are no mistakes in life, only lessons from which we need to learn.”

This story is an extract from the book ‘CORPORitual‘ by Raj Bhowmik
You can get the book on

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