The Guitar Chronicles | Part 1

“And that’s going to end it for today’s show! We’ll see you again tomorrow same time, same place”.
“Well that was boring…. Can’t they give us some real information!” said Alex.
Alexander Johnson Victor is a very bright student studying in Oxford university, but that day, his life changed.
Just when Alex is getting up from his sofa, he hears a loud roar.
“What was that?!” wondered Alex.
He went downstairs to see what was going on when he heard another roar. When he reached down, he saw a guitar on the floor. He picked it up and suddenly saw a silhouette of demon kind of thing.
“WHOA!!!!! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU??!!” exclaimed Alex.
“Calm down kid. I’m not here to kill you. And I’m not from Earth.”
The silhouette came front and began to take shape. Alex saw an, at least 6-foot tall, figure with a horned helmet ans red eyes. In Alex’s eyes he looked something like this:


“The name’s Vlac. I’m from another dimension. The Nether realm to be precise.” said Vlac. “I’ve been observing you. I see you’ve been extremely bored lately. I’ve also found out you’re interested in music”.
Alex was amazed. “How in the name of gods do you know all that?! Even my parents don’t know that”.
“Well, as I told you, I’ve been observing you. Any way, to the point, the guitar, as you can see, is black and has puppets on it.” said Vlac.
“Yeah, what about that?” asked Alex.
“The guitar does exactly what’s drawn. Whenever someone hears the tunes of the guitar, they immediately come under your command”.
“So, basically, whenever I play a song, who ever li-“.
Suddenly, the ground starts shaking. Alex ran under a table at once.
“Why are you hiding?” asked Vlac.
“Hmm. Let’s think. BECAUSE A EARTHQUAKE IS OCCURRING! DUH!” screamed Alex.
“It’s not an earthquake. It is just that other demons from the Nether realm are entering Earth. That’s all.” said Vlac.
“To kill you. DUH!” said Vlac.

See you in Part 2



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